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MECEO has one simple goal: to help Maryland TRIO grant organizations connect and collaborate.

However, we all know as TRIO staff professionals a simple goal doesn't mean it can be accomplished simply. Maryland is home to several dozen different TRIO programs scattered around our state, each with different student populations they must serve and different academic cultures that they celebrate.

MECEO is a way for our different grants to establish relationships of mutual support and create opportunities that a single TRIO grant alone could not accomplish. While the past year has proven challenging for all of our educational communities, as Maryland transitions out of quarantine MECEO would like to offer means for all of us in TRIO to organize at the state level for staff and student event opportunities, scholarship funding, and participation with the TRIO organization at the national level.

In order for us to do this, we need your help!

The MECEO Organization consists of three elected officers as well as several formalized board positions and committee leaders. Below we have listed the elected officer positions, board positions, and active committees, as well as the terms in which they serve on the MECEO Board. MECEO is run by volunteers who are passionate about the impact a TRIO program can have on a community and seeing TRIO grow and flourish above and beyond individualized grants. We are currently looking to expand our ranks and to add new voices and perspectives to those who have worked with MECEO for years.

If you see any position you would like to explore and learn more about please feel free to add your name below to the position or positions that interest you! The more people who are able to get involved the more we can accomplish as a positive force for the student populations we serve, so we hope you will take the time to consider joining up with the MECEO Board. We look forward to working with you!

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